Cano A. Ozer, founder of CAO Cigars once said "people who smoke cigars are debonair, optimistic and pleasant. Wherever they go, they bring affection and joy. They enjoy good food, dress elegant and tip well.  Cigars are not just smoking tobacco, it is a lifestyle."  This is also our company's strong belief- it’s something we strive to continue by bringing you a high quality premium cigar experience. Whether unwinding from a long day, simply relieving stress, enjoying a conservation with friends or getting to know new people, we want J.M. Asik cigars to enhance your lifestyle without breaking the bank or giving up on quality. 

     In search for perfection, we partnered with a family owned factory in Honduras that manufactures cigars with a passion over a century. Our premium cigars are hand rolled by carefully selected high-quality tobacco leaves and each cigar is inspected carefully to make sure the quality and consistency is met with every blend.

     Smooth. Fresh. These two words are what we stand by. We aim to give you exactly what you want and expect from your cigar. It's what we expect so why would you ever settle for less- try one of ours and see for yourself... We’re confident it will be an experience you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re a new smoker or a seasoned smoker, we invite you to be a part of J.M. Asik Cigar Co. where your passion to smoke is our passion.